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Learn to Verify before Trust with #NiceTryScammer

At Nice Try Scammer, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive scam education through our engaging and informative seminars.  We don’t just give you long lists of scams to look out for. We show you how scams works to trick your brain and how we can add mental stops signs to stop us falling for them.

Our speakers are well-versed in the latest scamming tactics and important, why they work to trick you. During our seminars we weave in real world scams and examples to demonstrate our approach and how it differs.  

Our online content covers various aspects of scam education, including;  

  • Scam prevention & traditional approaches to awareness 
  • The Nice Try Scammer Journey 
  • Our approach, how and why it works 
  • Real-life stories and case studies 
  • Updates on the latest scamming trends 
  • Time for Question and Answers  

Our scam education and merchandise

We have developed a range of products to help maintain your scam awareness. These have real world impacts in that they;

  • Raises your scam awareness 
  • Embeds that knowledge in everyday life 
  • Becomes a topic of conversation, sharing and real-world stories 
  • Protects you, your friends and loves ones in a way no other approach does. 

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