We have a variety of products targeting different channels and mediums. A mousepad for your desktop, a coffee mug for your beverage, you get the idea…

If you don’t see the product, colour or scam that you are looking for represented, or would like to purchase products or order in bulk, please get in touch using our contact form and we will be happy to arrange a solution for you.

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Nice Try Scammer
Nice Try Scammer
Prices for apparel items vary so contact us to ask for a quote.

Mousepads and Deskpads

Nice Try ScammerUrgent! Click here…
Premium Deal! Click hereBusiness email compromise
So many scams (Deskpad)
Mousepads retail for $10 each and Deskpads for $15 each.


Nice Try Scammer (black)Nice Try Scammer (red)
Urgent! Click here…Urgent! Fines…
You’re hacked (red)You’re hacked (black)
You’ve won (black)You’ve won (red)
Romance scam (red)Send money, Mum
Don’t be a mugI’m no mug
Investment scam (red)So many scams (black)
Mugs retail for $10 each.

Other products

Wall clockNotepad
Urgent! Fridge magnetPay fines! Fridge
The prices for these products vary so contact us to ask for a quote.